Judy & Nelson Horn
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Why the Horns Should Be Your Agents


The Horns are a high-energy couple devoted to and passionate about real estate and their clients. What separates them from the “run-of-the-mill” realtors is their industry knowledge, powerful negotiating skills, customizable services and programs, rarely offered in the local real estate community.

Their innovation and mastery of new and emerging real estate technologies combined with the best of traditional methods result in the best possible transactions for their buyer and sellers. They make it risk-free to do business with them by providing:

-A menu of commission options & services
-A measurable 184-point marketing plan
-Unrivaled marketing using a plethora of advertising mediums
-Constant communication, with you the client, regarding the process of buying or selling of a home

The Horns work for Tarbell Realtors, a family owned company. If you live in southern California you know that this company is #1 in sales. You also know that they are an advertising giant. Extensive print advertising and giant billboards keep this company on the minds of folks when they think real estate.

It is little wonder that Tarbell has selected the Horns for recognition. They placed them on a giant “Tarbell Champions” billboard in one of the desert’s busiest roadways. When Tarbell established their e-AGENT program; the Horns were among the few to be inducted into the newly established program. The Horns have been among the few select realtors invited into the Tarbell Mastermind group.

What does all of this mean for you the client? It means that this giant of a company recognizes the Horns as a special bread of realtors. They have singled them out from the crowd resulting in increased advertising, prestige, and enhancement of reputation for the Horns. All of which leads to increased opportunities for you in the buying or selling of your real estate with this new breed or realtors.